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The Problem
While using Microsoft Excel, and every time you press the Enter key after editing the contents of a cell, the program reads the contents of the cell aloud through your computer speakers or headphones.

At first, it can be fun and novel to have Excel read the contents of what you’re typing into Excel aloud to you. However, if you didn’t actually intend to enable this feature, it probably will just get irritating after a while. If your Excel is doing this, it’s because you have a setting called “Speak Cell on Enter” enabled. It’s a new feature added to Excel as part of an overall accessibility initiative by Microsoft that is being seen throughout the entire Microsoft Office suite.

The Fix

The quickest way to turn off the “Speak Cell on Enter” feature is to search for the setting using the “Tell me what you want to do” feature that is available in more recent versions of Excel (if you have the “Speak on Cell Enter” feature, chances are you have the “Tell me what you want to do” feature as well). The below screenshot shows you where this search functionality is located:

Screenshot of Excel illustrating where the tell me what you want to do feature is located.

After clicking on the “Tell me what you want to do”, type in “Speak Cells”, and several options will display, including the “Speak Cells on Enter” feature. If the setting is enabled, there will be a grey box around the icon to the left of where the setting “Speak Cells on Enter” is listed:

Screenshot of Excel with highlights showing what it looks like when the speak cells on enter setting is enabled.

Clicking on the “Speak Cells on Enter” setting in this menu will disable the setting, and if your speakers are on and the volume is turned up, you will also get an audio confirmation stating that the setting has been turned off. Now, when you hit enter after modifying the contents of a cell in Excel, it shouldn’t read the contents aloud anymore.

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