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Hubdoc today announced additional security and document viewing features in their cloud-based document management system. These features are already available for all Hubdoc accounts, and the changes with document viewing were immediately apparent when using Hubdoc this morning.

New Security Feature: Two-Factor Authentication

The added security feature is a simple but important one: Two-Factor Authentication is now available for all Hubdoc accounts. Two-Factor Authentication (“2FA”) adds an additional layer of security to a Hubdoc account by requiring someone signing into a Hubdoc user account to enter a code that is sent via text message to a mobile phone number associated with the user account. By default, Hubdoc will have 2FA disabled and must be enabled for each individual user account. Generally speaking, we recommend using 2FA where it is available and practical to do so: 2FA significantly reduces the risk of your account’s security being compromised. This in turn gives you much better assurance that your important business (and personal) data is protected from being stolen.

New Document Viewing Features: Zoom and Rotation

The new document viewing features in Hubdoc include the ability to zoom in and out and rotate all types documents and images:

Screenshot of Hubdoc showing the new controls that allow you to zoom in and out and rotate documents

Previously in Hubdoc, you could only rotate uploads that were images, but now the rotation feature is available for document uploads (such as PDFs) as well. This will undoubtedly prove a useful feature for reading documents in certain situations. This new functionality also appears to work fairly well based on my initial tests for both PDF documents and images that are uploaded, and is an improvement over what was previously only available for images. The zoom functionality is also quite a welcome addition, and further comes with the ability to move the document/image side-to-side and up and down using your mouse or scroll wheel. You can also quickly bring the rotation of the image back to its original state by clicking the “Reset” button.

New Automated Connections

Finally, Hubdoc also announced the following additional automated connections in the United States and Canada:

  • United States
    • Intercom
    • Allstate Insurance
    • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission: Water
    • Access National Bank
    • Shutterstock
    • TCF Bank
    • Hancock Whitney Bank
  • Canada
    • Canada Revenue Agency
    • MD Financial Management

Additional automated connections were also added in Australia and the United Kingdom. For a list of these additions, go here.

Blake is a CPA and a law school graduate specializing in taxology, tax and finance process automation and optimization, and cloud accounting systems.

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