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Preparing a Nonresident Alien tax return in ProConnect Tax Online (“PTO”) for a client first requires that you create a Form 1040 individual income tax return for the client. Then, once in the client’s newly created Form 1040 tax return, you can navigate to the following inside the “Input Return” tab of PTO (see below screenshot):

Miscellaneous Forms  Nonresident Alien (1040 NR)  Client Information

Once you’ve navigated to the Client Information section of the Nonresident Alien (1040 NR) page, you can initiate the client’s Form 1040NR by selecting the client’s Nonresident Alien filing status using the filing status dropdown:

Screenshot of ProConnect Tax Online illustrating the dropdown used to initiate a Form 1040NR tax return within ProConnect Tax Online.

Note: You must select a Nonresident Alien filing status in order for the software to convert the Form 1040 to a Form 1040NR tax return.

Once you have selected a Nonresident Alien filing status, you can click the button to “Preview Forms” and you will see that the Form 1040 tax return has been changed to a Form 1040NR tax return and that Schedules A, NEC and OI have been added to the tax return, which are required as part of filing a Nonresident Alien tax return.

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