QuickBooks Online gives businesses a rich set of features to assist with their financial and accounting functions. But QuickBooks Online is so much more than that: it's the central gateway to a whole world of additional systems and services that integrate and sync with QuickBooks Online and expand its functionality.

Using QuickBooks Online as the foundation, we assist clients with implementing many services and systems to meet challenges so many small businesses face. Look below to explore the many systems we implement to optimize and automate your processes. Ready to get started? Contact us today.

Automated and Paperless Bookkeeping with Hubdoc

Hubdoc brings all your bills, receipts, statements, and other financial documents under one roof and securely backs them up to the cloud. It automates document retrieval and data extraction and seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online to automate transaction posting and provide paperless, audit-proof accounting.

Interested in integrating Hubdoc with your QuickBooks Online? Let us help! We'll set-up and integrate your Hubdoc account for you, provide training and on-going support as-needed!

Hubdoc Integration Services Pricing

Service TierCostHubdoc ServiceSetup and TrainingSupport
Starter$200Not IncludedIncluded$50/hr
** NOTE: Premium Hubdoc integration and support services are included with all tiers of our Virtual Bookkeeper Service.

Benefits of Using Hubdoc

Automated Document Retrieval

Hubdoc automates retrieval of bills and statements from banks and vendors.

Upload Receipts with Your Smartphone

With Hubdoc's mobile apps, uploading and managing receipts is painless.

Automated Transaction Posting

Configure automated posting of repetitive transactions to QuickBooks.

Forward Emails to Upload Receipts

Automate submitting receipts by forwarding emailed invoices to Hubdoc!

Automated Data Entry

Hubdoc automatically extracts standard transaction data from receipts!

Scan Directly to Hubdoc

Use a special Wi-Fi enabled scanner to scan directly to Hubdoc!

Want to learn more on how Hubdoc can help your business? Read our article: Automated Bookkeeping with Hubdoc and QuickBooks Online

Paperless and Automated Payroll and HR with Gusto

Gusto is cloud-based technology that automates payroll functions for small businesses. Gusto's all-inclusive service includes features such as automatic preparation and filing of all required payroll taxes, unemployment tax and workers compensation, online employee onboarding, direct deposit and online delivery of W-2s, benefits management (health/dental/vision), and more! All functionality seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Online for accounting and with TSheets for employee time tracking.

Gusto Integration Services Pricing

Service TierBase Monthly CostCost Per EmployeeGusto ServiceSetup and TrainingSupport
Starter$300--Not IncludedIncluded$25/hr
** NOTE: Premium Gusto integration, setup and support services are included with both tiers of our Virtual Payroll and HR Service.

Benefits of Using Gusto

Lightning-Fast, Automated Payroll

All withholdings and payroll tax calculations are automated - just enter hours!

Online Onboarding and Direct Deposit

All employees onboard online and get their pay via direct deposit.

Automated Posting to QuickBooks Online

Gusto posts all payroll transactions to QuickBooks Online automatically.

Automated Tax Deposits and Filings

All payroll tax deposits and returns are automated, accurate and on-time!

Online Form W-2 and 1099 Distribution

All employees and contractors receive their Form W-2s and 1099s online!

Optional Benefits Packages

Gusto optionally supports various benefits packages for employees!

On-the-Go and Paperless Time-Tracking with TSheets

TSheets is a cloud technology service that allows businesses with any number of employees and managers to track their time, supporting businesses' administration of payroll, paid-time off, client billing, and management! Businesses can choose to give individual employees the flexibility of clocking in from their smartphones or computers, or restrict clocking in to certain locations from enabled devices. Either way, TSheets gives business time tracking that is efficient, paperless, and headache-free.

TSheets Integration Services Pricing

Service TierBase CostCost Per UserTSheets ServiceSetup and TrainingSupport
Starter$400--Not IncludedIncluded$50/hr
** NOTE: Premium Gusto integration, setup and support services are included with both tiers of our Virtual Payroll and HR Service.